Monday, May 29, 2006

Ponder This

Well, another wonderful Sunday PM last night. As usual, Judah and Adrianne sang like angels and Rick delivered a most titilating message. Michael displayed his always- dexterous keyboarding with a dash of high-tech frivolity from the back and Amy exhibited poise and sincerity while holding the communion cup. And I have to say the prayer time lead by yours truly was meaningful, genuine, and almost devine. So I regret to bring this up in such a public forum, but an important question has naturally surfaced: Do we really need Brian and Erica afterall?


Blogger Brian Bajari said...

umm - well, I love you too bob. I think Jackie's post had much more provacative content than yours. . . No, but really, I am glad that Sunday PM was brilliant this last Sunday and the hope is that it will continue to be facilitated by a community of friends as opposed to one or two people - this is true community and your words are very encouraging. thanks bob.

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