Saturday, April 15, 2006

in the beginning . . .

here we go -

let's consider this a forum where we have the freedom to discuss anything above and under the suns of the universe:

theology, poetry, literature, philosophy, prayers & prayer requests, quotes, articles, global politics, cosmology, justice movements, rants, reviews, questions big & small, and simple thoughts and comments and hopes and dreams about our community of people who come and go through Carmel; and then for many of us on to the ends of the earth - this is one way we can stay connected

just a bit more than once or twice a week or month or year - attempting in fits and starts to understand what it means to follow and engage the path of Jesus - to become what Amos Yong writes, "christologically centered and pneumatologically driven," - big theological words which simply mean being Jesus centered and Spirit driven.

And so this is for all of us when we feel the urge, the need, the poke in the gut to express what's on our minds, in our hearts, and deep in our souls.

Peace to you all during this Easter season


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