Thursday, October 12, 2006

As for Sunday PM - we have to begin asking the question(s) . . .

what's next for us? What will Sunday PM be like a year from now?

How will your own heart and soul and mind and body have changed? Is friendship important for a church community or is it just a side-benefit to you?

Is Sunday PM a community of people or just 1.5 hours on Sunday evenings? Is Sunday PM another religious obligation to you or is it a community of people in whom you might find refreshment, honesty, renewal, and hope in your faith journey?

Perhaps true friendship is the heart of what Sunday PM is about . . . If so, how does this inform the shape of what we are doing on Sundays? Of what we're doing throughout any given week.

What if Sunday PM isn't just a service but a community of people who are meeting as friends leaning into authenticity, brokenness, and healing in different gatherings throughout the week, the month, the year?

Dance parties . . . Dinners . . . Karaoke nights . . . Honest theological discussions with friends over a pint or two of your favorite ale? . . .
Communal reflection over coffee on how we might take action against genocide in Darfur, against hunger, against poverty . . . loving the last, the lost, the least, the little . . .

And allowing others to be the church for us in our own times of hurt, depression, and need.

What does it mean to follow the Holy Spirit as a community of people? Where is the wind of God's Spirit blowing Sunday PM?

Lot's of questions . . . Questions that necessarily cannot be answered right away -

This Sunday we are on at 6PM in the Fireside Room of Carmel Pres. Judah won't be there and I have no idea at this point who or what or even if we will be doing music this coming Sunday. Is that okay? I do know that it is not healthy for me to be running it all from up front - I refuse to be a one-man show; which is to say that Bob, Amy, and I need others to help. If you can help (with anything) then we'll take it and put you to work with whatever (reading Scripture, leading prayers, singing, playing piano, setting up, painting, juggling, whatever) - just show up, like Erica said in her last message to us - just show up (preferably at 5PM) and we'll put you to good work. Or email me or call me at 241-8589 if you have a thought or two.

Thanks everyone for your friendship - looking forward to seeing some of you this Sunday evening

May the peace of Jesus be with you tonight and the rest of this week,


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