Monday, May 29, 2006

Ponder This

Well, another wonderful Sunday PM last night. As usual, Judah and Adrianne sang like angels and Rick delivered a most titilating message. Michael displayed his always- dexterous keyboarding with a dash of high-tech frivolity from the back and Amy exhibited poise and sincerity while holding the communion cup. And I have to say the prayer time lead by yours truly was meaningful, genuine, and almost devine. So I regret to bring this up in such a public forum, but an important question has naturally surfaced: Do we really need Brian and Erica afterall?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Meltdown fear as Arctic ice cover falls to record winter low

If you would like a little dose of global change, please read on!

[David Adam, environment correspondent, Monday May 15, 2006, The Guardian]

Record amounts of the Arctic ocean failed to freeze during the recent winter, new figures show, spelling disaster for wildlife and strengthening concerns that the region is locked into a destructive cycle of irreversible climate change. Satellite measurements show the area covered by Arctic winter sea ice reached an all-time low in March, down some 300,000 square kilometres on last year -an area bigger than the UK. Scientists say the decline highlights an alarming new trend, with recovery of the ice in winter no longer sufficient to compensate for increased melting in the summer. If the cycle continues, the Arctic ocean could lose all of its ice much earlier than expected, possibly by 2030. Walt Meier, a researcher at the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado, which collected the figures, said: "It's a pretty stark drop. In the winter the ice tends to be pretty stable, so the last three years, with this steady decline, really stick out." Experts are worried because a long-term slow decline of ice around the north pole seems to have sharply accelerated since 2003, raising fears that the region may have passed one of the "tipping points" in global warming. In this scenario, warmer weather melts ice and drives temperatures higher because the dark water beneath absorbs more of the sun's radiation. This could make global warming quickly run out of control. Dr Meier said there was "a good chance" the Arctic tipping point has been reached. "People have tried to think of ways we could get back to where we were. We keep going further and further into the hole, and it's getting harder and harder to get out of it." The Arctic is rapidly becoming the clearest demonstration of the effects of mankind's impact on the global climate. The temperature is rising twice as fast as the rest of the planet and the region is expected to warm by a further 4C-7C by 2100. The summer and winter ice levels are the lowest since satellite monitoring began in 1979, and almost certainly the lowest since local people began keeping records around 1900. The pace of decline since 2003, if continued, would see the Arctic totally ice-free in summer within 30 years - though few scientists would stake their reputations on a long-term trend drawn from only three years.
Experts at the US Naval Postgraduate School in California think the situation could be even worse. They are about to publish the results of computer simulations that show the current rate of melting, combined with increased access for warmer Pacific water, could make the summertime Arctic ice-free within a decade. Dr Meier said: "For 800,000 to a million years, at least some of the Arctic has been covered by ice throughout the year. That's an indication that, if we are heading for an ice-free Arctic, it's a really dramatic change and something that is unprecedented almost within the entire record of human species."
The winter ice has declined all around the region - bad news for polar bears, which spend summer on land before returning to the ice in spring to catch food.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

tarp monkey mission complete - beard, gloves, big sur marathon t-shirt, and big ladder

more photos - and meat man is grilling it up again

More campout photos including a rare one of a tarp monkey . . .

PM in Big Sur

steak anyone? seriously. . . because I'll be cooking this all night long - and then again in the morning - it's marinated in italian dressing with a hint of lime - and maybe some poison oak

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Big Sur Here We Come...

You should be getting that tinge of anticipation... The Big Sur Camping Trip is in 9 days and counting. I wonder what's in store this year?

Will Jackie lie her way to victory?

Will Amy alphabetize the picnic table?

Will Judah be waiting tables at Sugar Reef?

Which of Brian's kids will pee, vomit, or scream bloody murder first?

Will I get poison oak?

Will Erica have to make an "unexpected" trip to Davis that weekend?

Will Rick's kids get jacked up on 'smores?

Will Jeremy sleep with sunglasses on?

Will Michael bust out some Richard Marks inspired dance moves?

Time will tell....

Monday, May 08, 2006

thank you . . .

a great appreciation to all who were participating in Sunday PM last evening and how generous and loving you all were.

we will continue to pray and ask for the Spirit's leading in how to best love one another and serve one another - how to practice being the church instead of simply coming to church.

your prayers and your thoughts and your concern and your patience was nothing short of beautiful.

thank you.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sugar Reef Anyone?

Sugar Reef is on this evening for our planning gathering - thoughts to think about?

Will Erica say anyone? anyone? again at PM this week?
Beuller? Beuller?

However, with that said - great interaction on hearing the voice of God - and Brooks' comment on attending the marriage conference couldn't have been better or clearer about how the voice of God can radically change your life too.

Will Bob wear his new pants tonight?

Will Judah spike the hair, keep it flat, or simply wear a hat this evening? And will Heidi be present tonight for her enrollment process (and Judah's) in the B&B grad school of you know what?

Will Jenny come in sunglasses? And can she resist from dancing on the tables this evening?

Will Erica inform us about her "new family" and discuss what love does to triathletes?

Will Jackie and Travis finally tell us their honeymoon plans tonight?

Will Adrienne discuss the recent occurrences in Ohio - will he make the PM cut? Or will Ohio be out in the cold in two weeks?

Will Amy be running to the reef or walking - when do we get to see the mega-death t-shirt (or was it ACDC)?

Will we ever talk about PM gatherings during these PM gatherings or are these PM gatherings simply PM gatherings unto themselves?

community. singing. prayer. silence. friendship. random people. successful types & struggling types. communion. scripture. readings. art. candles. laughter. brokenness. discussion. teaching. peace. renewal. refreshment. forgiveness. peace of Jesus. comfort of the Spirit. love of the Father.

invitation to become . . .