Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sugar Reef Anyone?

Sugar Reef is on this evening for our planning gathering - thoughts to think about?

Will Erica say anyone? anyone? again at PM this week?
Beuller? Beuller?

However, with that said - great interaction on hearing the voice of God - and Brooks' comment on attending the marriage conference couldn't have been better or clearer about how the voice of God can radically change your life too.

Will Bob wear his new pants tonight?

Will Judah spike the hair, keep it flat, or simply wear a hat this evening? And will Heidi be present tonight for her enrollment process (and Judah's) in the B&B grad school of you know what?

Will Jenny come in sunglasses? And can she resist from dancing on the tables this evening?

Will Erica inform us about her "new family" and discuss what love does to triathletes?

Will Jackie and Travis finally tell us their honeymoon plans tonight?

Will Adrienne discuss the recent occurrences in Ohio - will he make the PM cut? Or will Ohio be out in the cold in two weeks?

Will Amy be running to the reef or walking - when do we get to see the mega-death t-shirt (or was it ACDC)?

Will we ever talk about PM gatherings during these PM gatherings or are these PM gatherings simply PM gatherings unto themselves?

community. singing. prayer. silence. friendship. random people. successful types & struggling types. communion. scripture. readings. art. candles. laughter. brokenness. discussion. teaching. peace. renewal. refreshment. forgiveness. peace of Jesus. comfort of the Spirit. love of the Father.

invitation to become . . .


Blogger Adrianne Riso said...

An invitation to become...what a thought! I love becoming with you guys!

4:53 PM  

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